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Denver roofing companies are contracted to repair millions of dollars' worth of damage caused by hail each year. Insurance claim rates due to hail are at historic highs throughout the country. Some within the insurance industry blame this marked increase on so called storm chasers, but many in the roofing industry, including the National Roofing Contractors Association, suggest that the increase is due to better awareness about hail damage to roofs and the necessary corrective measures.

If a homeowner wants to ensure that they've protected their roof from hail as much as possible, then that process should begin with a professional roof inspection. An inspector who specializes in roofs and hail damage can provide a homeowner with an accurate and thorough assessment of the impact resistance of the shingles and other aspects of the roof as well as the overall wind resistance of the home. Consider that modern roofs can be augmented in a way that provides greater wind deflection and thereby decreases the force with which hail and other foreign object hit it.

The impact resistance of the shingles themselves is arguably the most important factor in determining how well a roof can handle a hailstorm. Basic asphalt shingles are very thin by design, and being hit with just enough force or even at the right angle is enough to compromise the shingle.

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One reason that architectural asphalt shingles are becoming increasingly prevalent is because of their thickness, which makes them very resistant to hail impact. Manufacturers also sell rubberized versions of standard and architectural shingles, and this process makes them even more resistant.

An often overlooked aspect of impact resistance is the overall condition of the roof. Think of it as the shingles that make up a roof working together as a team. If one of those team members is hurt or missing, then it means that overall defense is not as good. This is one reason why it is so important to replace shingles that have become broken or are missing due to storm damage or natural wear and tear.

Finally, homeowners should protect their interests by choosing a home insurance policy that includes coverage for hail damage. Most policies do, but it's becoming increasingly prevalent for policies to exclude hail damage or to add limitations, such as higher deductibles or limiting payouts to actual value. Homeowners with inadequate coverage can change policies or purchase a supplemental policy to cover any gaps.

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