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Each year during the spring and autumn, many homeowners find themselves climbing their ladders to clean out the gutters. While this task might seem onerous, it is essential to the performance of the home's roof and drainage system. Gutter buildup quickly leads to obstructions. An obstructed gutter may send water back up onto the roof and through the wooden substructure, causing the walls, ceilings and everything inside to become ruined. If the water falls down the side of the house, it will land against the foundation, potentially damaging the concrete blocks or slab. The water can also cause problems for the driveway, sidewalk and landscaping around the house. These tips and some guidance from local Denver roofing experts can help homeowners learn the correct techniques for gutter care.

The basic way to clean out a gutter is to climb a ladder and use a gloved hand, scoop or trowel to get the solid debris out of there. The gunk can be loaded into a plastic bucket or bag and then lowered to the ground. Natural debris like leaves and sticks can be added to the compost bin while asphalt granules should be disposed of properly with the household's waste. After the solids have been removed, the homeowner can use a garden hose with a nozzle to spray out any lingering remnants or clumps of dried dirt and flush out the downspouts.

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If there is moss or algae growing within the gutters, homeowners can spray a diluted vinegar solution to get rid of it. Using 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water is usually strong enough to kill off the growths. If tree seedlings have sprouted, these should be removed by hand. Getting the other solids out will help prevent future growth of saplings and mosses.

Another technique involves using a leaf blower. This may work well if the community is facing water restrictions that disallow the unnecessary use of water for home maintenance and landscaping needs. While using a blower, the property owner will need to wear ear protection due to the noise level. Power blowers are bulky and heavy, which may constitute a safety risk while standing up on a ladder or the rooftop.

If the home is outfitted with gutter guards, the cleaning process is trickier. The homeowner might invalidate the product's warranty if they take the cover off or otherwise manipulate it. Because of this, homes with gutter protection systems should be serviced every couple of years by experienced professionals.

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