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The amount of moisture that reaches a roof over the course of a single month may surprise the homeowners living there. This moisture includes droplets of water that fall as the humidity level rises and moisture left behind following a rain or snowstorm. As the water builds up, it can lead to standing water that attracts bugs and insects or water damage that causes the shingles to curl. It may even allow fungus or algae to grow on the roofing shingles and lead to mold or mildew on the decking and other wooden parts of the roof. Denver roofing companies offer a variety of solutions that allow homeowners to prevent water and moisture damage.

One of the top ways to prevent water damage is with new gutters. Simply cleaning out the old gutters and removing debris may not stop the water damage from occurring because the gutters have cracks and other damage that allows water to pour out the bottom of the gutters. Seamless gutters are one option that many homeowners like.

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As manufacturers create seamless gutters to work with the measurements of that house, homeowners can rest assured that they won't find themselves dealing with gushing water or gutter cracks in the future.

Another way contractors prevent water damage is with a simple inspection of the roof. Though many roofs feature peaks and valleys, contractors look for signs that there is water still standing on the roof. This may occur because the decking suffered some type of damage that led to a slope or valley forming that keeps the water from rolling off the roof. This may require that the contractor remove a section of the decking and replace it with new wood or metal. They will also look for peeling shingles or cracks that indicate constant exposure to water or moisture.

Some roofing companies also recommend that homeowners consider adding new siding to their homes. Cedar shake siding has a traditional look and comes in multiple colors, but homeowners can also paint the siding in a color they prefer. Other homeowners like the look of vinyl siding, which is resistant to water, mildew and other environmental elements. Using the siding on the walls of the house, especially near the roof, can keep water from penetrating the house and causing water damage or leaks. Homeowners can even match the material and color of their siding to the new gutters that contractors install on their homes.

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