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The first thing that insurers recommend homeowners do after a storm is get outside and assess the damage. Whether it's a storm with high winds, hail or even ice, it's important that homeowners get a look at their roofs and determine if any damage occurred. As it's often difficult for homeowners to get a clear view of the roof, they usually turn to Denver roofing companies for an inspection. Those companies can repair the damage and submit a claim to the insurer, but those companies can also let homeowners learn more about the ways they can protect their roofs from future storm damage.

One thing local companies recommend is that homeowners secure any loose shingles. Contractors will typically use six or more roofing nails that they drive through the edges of the shingle to push the nail through the underlayment and secure the shingle to the deck. If the underlayment is in poor condition, they may recommend that homeowners replace that old underlayment with a new underlayment that waterproofs the roof. Some homeowners may also opt for the installation of new impact resistant shingles that can hold up to even the heaviest of objects that strike the roof.

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Using clips and fasteners is another option for homeowners concerned about storm damage. This is often the best choice for roofs that use metal panels or large panels made from another material. As winds often accompany most storms, that wind can get underneath the panel and rip the panel off the roof. Adding fasteners like roofing screws keep the panels secured to the roof. Contractors can also add clips, also known as storm clips, that clip over the edge of each panel and keep it firmly attached to the roof. Even if the screws come loose later, the clips will hold the panel to the roof and keep it from flying off.

Roofers can also inspect a home and decide if it needs additional bracing. Bracing a roof may involve a simple step like attaching extra boards to the deck. Gable roofs may need new bracing to support the ridge of the roof and keep the roof upright during a harsh storm. Roofers may need to remove some of the existing shingles to get a good look at the support system on the roof. After screwing wood boards to the deck and ensuring that the deck can support the weight of the roof, the roofer will replace the missing shingles and secure those shingles in place.

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