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Properly maintaining the roof is imperative to protecting its longevity, and each season might pose a different set of challenges for the roofing system. Since every season is different, presented here are some of the things homeowners are advised to look for in order to prepare for the temperature changes that occur throughout the year. Identifying potential issues and contacting a Denver roofing professional could help to prevent major damage from occurring.

During the spring and summertime, many roofing materials receive excessive wear and tear due to prolonged sun exposure. Inclement weather patterns such as hurricanes, hail storms and tornadoes can cause major damage, and it is not uncommon for roofing materials such as the shingles and flashing to become blown off or ripped. As long as a roofing contractor is notified as quickly as possible, repairing these materials is often an inexpensive and quick process. Contractors will most likely completely replace the damaged shingles rather than attempt to salvage them, and they will use a strong adhesive such as roofing cement to reinforce them. In order to completely seal replaced materials such as the flashing, contractors will often apply silicone caulking to the entire perimeter.

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During the fall, homeowners should routinely inspect their gutters to ensure that leaves, twigs and other debris have not caused them to become clogged. A major source of roof leaks is gutters that fail to properly channel water, which causes it to begin to back up onto the roof. As water is allowed to seep into the layers of the roofing system, it can cause wood rot to the materials like the fascia board and soffit. Excessive water pooling can even cause the roof deck itself to fail, allowing water to begin to leak into the home. For safety reasons, homeowners who notice clogged gutters should contact a professional to have them cleared, rather than attempt to clear the debris themselves.

The winter season poses the most severe threat for homeowners who live in colder climates. In order to properly prepare for the colder temperatures, homeowners are encouraged to have a roofing inspector thoroughly examine their roof in order to ensure that there are no compromised components. Resealing loosened materials can spare the roof from major damage whenever heavy snowfall occurs. The most common source of roof leaks during this season is the development of ice dams, which can compromise both the shingles and the roof deck. Homeowners are encouraged to have a roof rake on hand in order to safely scrape ice and snow buildup off their roofs.

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