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When Denver roofing professionals ask building owners about the most important characteristics of a roof, they mention life cycle first and then cost second. Most commercial building owners are not concerned with the initial cost of installing a roof. They are concerned about the life cycle cost of a roof. They want to know that their initial investment will save them money over the long term. Research and product testing have shown that standing seam metal roof systems offer the highest durability and the lowest maintenance cost and are the most energy efficient roofing option.

The inherent qualities of metal contribute to its cost effectiveness. A standing seam metal roof can provide watertight performance for more than four decades. Additionally, a metal roof serves as a monolithic steel surface that protects the entire build.

Some of the positive attributes of a metal roof include the ability of roof clips to keep roof panels connected to structural members while at the same being flexible enough to endure the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. Metal roofs have watertight seals, staggered splices that prevent seam leaks, steel rod bracings that prevents stretching and sagging, and roof curbs and openings that have been engineered to have fasteners concealed on the inside of the curb to prevent leaks. In many cases, metal roofs are built directly over an old asphalt single ply roof, thereby restoring the watertight condition of the roof and providing long term building protection.

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In the commercial world, an energy efficient building is not just a desirable option, but it is becoming a legal requirement. With conventional roofing systems, the roof is the least energy efficient part of building. It is estimated that approximately 30 percent of the building's energy is used to heat and cool the air in the building. With traditional roofing materials, up to 50 percent of heated and cooled air is lost through the roof. A well designed metal roof reduces air loss and maintains consistent interior temperatures.

Traditional roofing systems use thicker insulation to combat energy loss. However, when applied to conventional built up roofs, adding insulation can actually negate energy savings because it makes the roof deteriorate faster. Metal roofs on the other hand can support additional insulation to an R value 40 without negatively affecting the roof's life cycle.

Metal roofs reduce the need for air conditioning by repelling the sun's heat as opposed to absorbing it during the summer. Additionally, once the sun has set, metal roofs give up their heat faster than other roofing materials. This makes metal one of the eco friendliness commercial roofing options available.

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