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When most people think about a metal roof, they envision an old and dilapidated barn or utilitarian building. However, as Denver roofing professionals can attest, modern metal roofs are a far cry from that image.

While metal roofs may cost more than conventional roofing materials, they are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability and longevity. The most popular materials used in metal roofing are aluminum and steel. However, homeowners who are willing to pay for premium materials can have a copper roof installed. Metal roofing material can be fabricated to look like wooden shakes, Spanish tiles, and slate tiles.

Metal is a fire resistant material, which makes it very popular in areas where wildfires are common. Metal roofing material is lightweight and reflects the sun. Both of these qualities help reduce summer cooling expenses. Metal roofs should be installed by professionals. That being said, they are very quick and easy to install when compared with traditional roofing material. Most metal roofs outlive the home they are built on. However, future modifications and repairs to the home are more difficult to make with a roof made of metal.

A good portion of metal roofs are made from steel. Steel has the benefit of being sturdy and rust resistant.

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Steel roofing materials are given a zinc coating, sealant, and industrial strength paint to protect them from the elements.

The benefit of using stainless steel as a roofing material is that it does not rust. The downside of stainless steel is that the process of making stainless steel anticorrosive also increases its price. Stainless steel roofing material can be applied with or without protective coatings. Some opt for the protective coating because it makes the steel look less cold and more like a natural material.

Aluminum is a great light weight option when it comes to roofing materials. Aluminum also does not rust. Many homeowners choose to apply a coating to aluminum to create a more natural looking finish. There are some environmental concerns about using aluminum because it is a finite resource.

Copper makes for a strikingly beautiful roofing material. When it is first installed, it is extremely shiny, but over time it will weather and transition in to a beautiful green color. The number one downside of copper roofing is the price. Also, because of its weight, the truss and framing of most homes will need to be reinforced to support a copper roof.

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