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Although shingles tend to get most of the credit for keeping water off of a roof and out of a home, gutters play a very important part in keeping water off of Denver roofing. Gutters are designed to provide a path for water to flow off of a roof and keep water away from a home's foundation. This is essential because water is terrible for both a roof and foundation, and water damage can be very costly to fix in either.

Gutters are usually made of metal and run along the edges of a roof. They connect to a downspout, which runs vertically from the roof to the ground. The downspout will either connect to a drainage system or channel water a few feet away from the base of a home.

Although the principle behind gutters is fairly simple, it is important that they are well maintained so that they can do their job. If gutters clog or form leaks, water can get into places it shouldn't, and standing water may develop. Both of these issues may cause mold and leaks, and mosquitoes may swarm around standing water.

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Roofs normally have a variety of systems to keep water flowing off, in addition to gutters. A roof is normally installed at an incline, which allows gravity to keep water moving, and shingles are designed to be water repellent. Additionally, weatherproofing is normally installed in areas where shingles do not provide complete coverage, such as around a chimney, and a roof underlayment may also be installed on top of a roof deck.

However, when gutters overflow because they are clogged, this can cause water to sit on a roof. When water does not flow off of a roof, it will often start to work its way through gaps in shingles or any imperfections in a roof.

Another issue occurs when gutters leak. This may not cause water to stay on a roof, but it can allow water to splash on the outside walls of a home or pool near the foundation. Leaks are generally caused by poor gutter connections or areas where gutters have rusted through.

Common signs that indicate gutters are in poor condition include overflowing water and water pooling on a roof. People may also see puddles forming under areas where overflows are located or where there are leaks in gutters. Regular inspections can help homeowners identify these problems before major issues occur and damage is done.

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