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Denver Roofing: Article About Large Rooftop Hole Damage

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Denver roofing contractors usually investigate structural problems that have small causes, such as cracked shingles. However, unique situations arise when large holes erupt on the rooftop. These large openings must be immediately serviced to prevent the entire rooftop from failing. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with situations that could lead to large rooftop holes to keep their property as structurally sound as possible.

Large debris striking the roof is a rare occurrence, but it can happen with high winds. Objects lifted into the air must fall down once winds cease. Even hail can be considered large debris as it drops to the ground in sizes as large as baseballs. Homeowners usually hear this damage as it occurs or notice rooftop holes as they approach the property from the road. An emergency roofing call is critical to secure the roof with tarps and repair it in a timely manner.

Aside from roofers, several other service technicians access the roof on a regular basis. From chimney sweeps to satellite television workers, these professionals try to maintain soft footing on the roof, but missteps can lead to structural damage. One misplaced foot could create a hole in the roof. Most professionals notify homeowners of this occurrence, but others could overlook any communication. Homeowners should observe their roof after a service call to verify all surfaces appear seamless and aligned.

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Homeowners may be familiar with rooftop pests, such as birds, nesting along gutters and in soffit shelters. Other pests, including woodpeckers, actually forge holes in the rooftop itself. Residents will usually hear a distinct pecking noise, indicating woodpeckers damaging the property. Contact contractors immediately because these birds will leave large holes in roofs just to access interior areas. Flashing and other protective elements may need to be used to deter nature's persistent animals.

When contractors discover a large rooftop hole, they must perform a sectional cutout. They'll remove shingles, underlayment and decking from that area. All damaged sections must be discarded to give the roof a fresh replacement with strength against future damages. Plywood decking must be secured to rafters with brand new underlayment and shingles replacing damaged materials. Roofers match original shingle colors to new materials to give the property a seamless appearance.

Although major damage may not be common on all rooftops, contractors should still survey surfaces with possible issues in mind. Each shingle course must be examined for small and large problems to preserve the roof's long lifespan. These materials must serve the structure for several decades, making their stability a priority at each preventive maintenance appointment.

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