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Since shingle roofs are soaring in popularity among residential and commercial property owners, a working knowledge of the difference between traditional three tab and laminated shingles can be beneficial. The two varieties are actually based on the same design. A mat, either organic or fiberglass, is covered by two asphalt layers and then topped with a ceramic coating of mineral granules. Laminated shingles, however, are twice as thick as their three tab counterparts on the lower end. Although both types have three notches, the laminated version has inconsistent tab widths and randomly sized spaces between them. These distinct features provide necessary strength and aesthetic appeal for structures of every style; likewise, conventional three tab shingles serve their purpose well. Professional guidance concerning the best choice in shingles for a particular framework can be obtained from one of the many qualified Denver roofing specialists. The most beneficial roofing products depend on the customer's architectural preferences as well as the property's location.

Three tab shingles are generally sold with a warranty and life expectancy of about 15 years as opposed to the 25 year guarantee for laminated shingles. The old style shingle is lightweight and relatively inexpensive, so it is a favorite among homeowners. A typical three tab shingle measures 1 foot wide by 3 feet long.

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For each individual roofing system, uniform pieces are furnished and arranged to form a smooth, flat surface. Upon completion, the shingles are not visible except for the tabs. Each one appears to be a shingle in its own right but is really just a small portion of an asphalt sheet. Tabs are usually about 5 x 12 inches and are laid in courses.

The first roofing shingles that were manufactured with a very thick, sturdy consistency were called T locks. Since the introduction of laminated shingles, these uniquely shaped units have not been widely used. The enhancement of the three tab shingle through lamination has accomplished more than just protection against wind uplift. It has developed a decorative, dimensional shingle that complements a number of architectural designs. With variation in the size of tabs and gaps, these products look more natural and authentic than plain roofing shingles. Contrasting colors and textures add even more charm to the already engaging roof surface. Laminated shingles can be made to resemble wood, tile and slate but hold up better against the damaging effects of the elements. Although the cost of these architectural shingles was once an issue for many homeowners, the product's benefits often outweighed the expense. Now that the price is decreasing, they are highly demanded by the public. In fact, T locks have been discontinued while laminated shingles are quickly becoming the dominant roofing product on the market.

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