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A metal roof is a low maintenance roofing option that offers both aesthetic appeal and decreased energy costs. When homeowners want to invest in a metal roof, they'll find that regular maintenance is the key to ensuring their roof has a healthy lifespan. If they're unsure how to inspect and maintain their roof, they can consult with their Denver roofing professionals for accurate and helpful advice.

The biggest mistake homeowners make is assuming that their roof can withstand anything because it's made of metal. While it's significantly tougher than asphalt shingles, that doesn't mean that it's immune to damage. It's important that branches and trees are kept well trimmed around the roof. Branches that are constantly brushing against the metal will gradually damage the finish, which can be an expensive and time consuming fix, if it can be fixed at all. If the metal is constantly rubbed over the span of years, it can be damaged beyond repair. If a homeowner can't safely keep up with maintaining their trees on their own, they should employ the services of a tree trimming company.

Gutters also need to be kept clean. The main function of a metal roof is to shed water. If gutters are packed with years of dirt, leaves and other debris, the roof isn't able to properly drain.

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The buildup of water around the edge of the roof will start to cause corrosion, which then leads to leaks or necessitates a roof replacement. Debris should also be kept off the roof itself. Some homes have roofs with long valleys that collect a variety of leaves or pine needles if there are trees nearby. The best way to remove this debris is with a long brush, preferably from a ladder. Metal roof manufacturers advise against frequent foot traffic to avoid scuffing the metal or denting it.

If a homeowner wants to paint their roof, they should use caution when choosing their painter. Many painters will cut corners and use a paint sprayer when applying coatings to metal roofs, but this over spray may lead to splattered paint that can't be removed. While the sprayer may save time, it may ruin the look of the roof.

A metal roof requires little maintenance and care, so much so that it's quickly becoming a popular choice among homeowners. Not only do metal materials reduce the home's energy bills, they can last over 50 years if carefully looked after.

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