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Many homes have a section that is not heated or cooled by the home's central heating and air conditioning system. These spaces, often unfinished basements, attics, rooms and garages, experience temperature extremes during the summer and winter months of the year. Homeowners can work with a local Denver roofing expert to get these areas insulated and air sealed in order to extend the roof's lifespan and make these parts of the house more comfortable.

Even if an unheated room is only used for storage, sealing cracks and gaps and adding insulation helps to protect everything stored in there. The sealants do this by reducing the inflow of outdoor air. The sealing and insulating materials can help to enhance the indoor air quality by stopping pollutants from getting inside. This is especially important for places like the garage, where hazardous materials like propane, gasoline, pesticides and herbicides might be stored. Air quality can also be a concern in damp basements.

Installing insulation along the roof of a garage also helps to reduce heat buildup. At the peak of summer daytime heating, a garage could reach 150 degrees if it is not properly insulated and ventilated.

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This extreme heat could cause problems for plastics, rubber parts, solvents and other items within the garage. Having professionals air seal and insulate the garage could bring the interior temperature down by 30 degrees or more.

Another benefit of air sealing and insulating unheated spaces is the improved comfort level. Homeowners who spend any time working in the garage doing car repairs, using tools or a woodworking bench may appreciate the less extreme temperatures. The parts of the house adjacent to such a space will also have a higher degree of comfort.

Sealing and insulating spaces also saves energy. The interior door between the house and unconditioned garage allows for plenty of uncontrolled air exchange every time the homeowner comes and goes. This can quickly drive up utility costs. A garage that does not get as hot or cold causes less of a burden on the home's heating and cooling system.

To seal these spaces, roofers will use caulk to seal the tiniest gaps, followed by spray foam for bigger spots. Fiberglass roll insulation or foam core board with thermal barriers are all excellent choices for stopping passive solar heating and heat loss from taking place. When having experienced roofing contractors do this work, the project will usually be finished in less than one day.

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