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Even homeowners who understand the importance of cleaning and repairing their gutters may not realize that they also need to pay close attention to the top of the roof and other parts of the roof too. While maintaining the gutters will reduce the risk of foundation damage, moisture damage affecting the walls and other common problems, homeowners should also think about setting up a routine or general maintenance program for their roofs. Denver roofing contractors recommend that local homeowners work with them to create a maintenance program that lets the contractors inspect the home and roof for signs of fungus, algae and other common issues.

Far too many people see algae, fungus and other types of vegetation and substances growing on their roofs without realizing how much those substances can wreak havoc on their roofs. Algae typically has a dark green to a dark brown color but may look slightly blue. Fungus usually appears darker in color and may look blackish. Both substances have a tendency to grow wild and can eventually take over the roof. Fungus and algae may break through the shingles or even pus those shingles off the roof.

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Removing the substances and cleaning the roof can protect it against these environmental dangers.

A good maintenance program will also include an inspection that examines the roof for everything from leaks and missing shingles to damaged flashing and problems surrounding the chimney. Contractors wear proper safety gear that allows them to inspect the roof safely and prevent them from falling over the side. They can also look for signs of tree branches that scrape against the roof or cracks in the underlayment of the roof. Most companies that provide homeowners with general roof maintenance will check those roofs in the spring and in the fall, which lets them identify issues that occurred in the winter or summer.

The best reason for homeowners to arrange for routine maintenance is because it helps them avoid paying for costly repairs they might not see. Contractors know exactly what to look for and can identify problems during the early stages. They will then inform homeowners of exactly what they found and make suggestions regarding which repairs or services they need. The cost of repairing a few missing shingles is significantly less than the cost of replacing the entire roof or replacing a larger group of shingles later. Maintenance inspections can also reveal problems with the decking and other parts of the roof.

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