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Moisture damage is the biggest concern that all homeowners will have with their roofing systems. If the damage is not caught and contained early, the rooftop will need to have extensive repairs performed. Sometimes, in the most extreme cases, an entire rooftop replacement will be necessary. Homeowners will always have treatment options when they call Denver roofing specialists, but it is preventative care and maintenance that can help individuals make the most of their system. One of the most important procedures that homeowners can have done for their rooftops is an infrared scan, which can help pinpoint the exact location of moisture and present users with options to treat it.

Infrared scanning uses a thermal imaging camera to look into the roof's space and measure variations in the roof's temperature. On a sunny day, the roof will heat up. At sunset, the membrane will then cool down, but wet spots in the membrane will retain heat longer during this time period. By scanning the surface of the roof at this precise time, it is possible to locate leaks that might not otherwise be visible.

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Infrared scanning is particularly reliable because it is a noninvasive form of inspection that can help identify leaks and determine the extent of the water damage as it exists in the insulation layer. Areas of the roof that are less saturated with moisture will retain less heat. The degree of color present on the thermographic imagery will be enough to let homeowners know what type of problem they are looking at. Customers will be able to save a lot of money on potential repairs and replacements just by knowing the specifics of their rooftop.

Because the roof will need to heat up during the day, the best time to scan is during the warmer seasons on a sunny spring, summer or early fall day. Both spring and fall can be optimal seasons during which to perform the inspections because homeowners will catch problems early before and after the winter season. Once the testing has been done, individuals will be able to see the extent of the damage and explore their options according to the information present. The roofing professionals will be able to describe the details to their customers and help them determine the best way to address the damage. Because of how noninvasive the initial inspection procedure is, there is less room for error in the repair procedure that follows.

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