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Denver Roofing: Article About Identifying Mildew On A Roof

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Few people tend to think twice when they see green substances growing across their roofs. They might assume that the next rain shower will wash away that substance or that it will die from exposure to the sun. That green substance might just be mildew, which is the same thing that homeowners deal with in their showers and bathrooms. Unlike mold, which can grow wild and spread across the roof and down the walls, mildew often remains localized in one specific part of the roof. Denver roofing companies encourage homeowners to call for help or a free inspection before that mildew leads to more complex problems.

One of the first things homeowners need to know is what mildew looks like. Mildew consists of dead materials that land on the surface of the roof and later bond together. Though some are familiar with a powdery form of mildew that is white or light in color, mildew can also be dark brown or green. It may even show several different shades in one patch. Though it tends to stick in the same place, many homeowners will find that they notice multiple patches of the mildew growing on their shingles, along the ridge and between the shingles.

Mildew often grows on roofs during periods of high humidity.

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The moisture content in the surrounding air can actually feed the substance and help it thrive. Homeowners may also want to look around their homes and see if they have any large trees or bushes growing over the roof. This provides shade, which can allow mold to settle on the roof too. Roofers often have years of experience identifying mold and mildew. They can check the substance growing on the roof to determine what type it is and if it is harmful. Even if the substance is generally safe, it may still cause the shingles to crack or buckle and weaken the wood deck underneath the shingles.

Regular cleaning is the only way to prevent mildew on a roof, which is why roofers typically recommend that homeowners hire professionals to clean their roofs a few times a year. Most contractors can remove any mildew on the roof to protect that space as well. They use brushes soaked in cleansers that they move down and along the roof to keep the shingles from coming loose. The removal of stubborn or stuck on mildew may require that contractors scrape across the shingles or spot treat mildew spots on the roof.

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