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One of the most costly bills for homeowners is the use of energy to heat and cool the property throughout the year. Few people realize that the roof significantly influences how much energy is used in the home. For those who are looking to reduce their bill each year, there are a few steps to take with the help of a Denver roofing professional to save potentially thousands of dollars.

On warm days, the roof on a residential property can be 50 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. The first step to reducing energy usage in the home is to paint the roof white or off white. Not only will the lighter color create an appealing style on the property, but it will also attract less heat from the sun. This can keep the indoor temperatures down by absorbing less heat on warm days and allowing residents to use the HVAC system less. A cool roof coating can also be applied to the roofing materials to avoid heat absorption from occurring on sunny days. The coating will reduce the roof's solar retention to increase the comfort of the indoor setting without much maintenance.

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Insulating the attic is another way to prevent the roof from becoming too hot. It's important to install new insulation every 15 years while also adding a few vents to promote proper airflow in the warmest area on the property. Homeowners can use home foam insulation or cotton batting for an effective way of keeping energy costs down.

Homeowners can also reroof the property to install materials that are more energy efficient. Slate and clay are ideal options that are known for their energy efficient properties. Each is a flexible material that works well when either hot or wet. Metal is another consideration and reflects the sun's rays well to keep the home cooler in the summer season.

The entire roof structure can also be covered to protect it from outside temperatures with thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin with a single covering. The product stands up well against ozone and has a high level of flexibility. The durability is also exceptional as the material is resistant to tearing and the growth of algae.

Another consideration is having solar panels installed to rely more on natural energy. Although it's an investment, it will significantly reduce the home's energy bill each month without compromising on the amount of comfort that is offered in the home.

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