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A common question that homeowners ask when choosing a new roof is how long that roof will last. They often assume that all roofs are exactly the same and that all will last for the same period of time. The truth is that the lifespan of a roof depends on the material used, how well the homeowners maintain that roof and the types of weather conditions it will face. Denver roofing companies can sit down with those homeowners and go over the different types of roofs, the materials available and how long each material will last to ensure that homeowners get a roof that lasts for decades.

The general response that roofing companies and contractors give to those questioning the lifespan of a roof is that roofs will generally last for around 30 years or longer. Asphalt and composition shingles, which are among the most affordable types of shingles, usually come with a 30 year warranty. The lifespan of a roof can reach 50 years or more when homeowners opt for slate, natural stone and other types of stone tiles. Though stone tiles are usually on the more expensive side, the most expensive type of roofing material is metal. Both metal shingles and metal panels can add an additional 25 to 50 years to the lifespan of a roof.

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Many homeowners do not realize that the lifespan of a roof also varies based on the durability of the decking, the type of underlayment used and the strength of other materials found on the roof. Rolled underlayment is much stronger than the tar paper used in the past and offers more protection against fire damage as well. Using rolled underlayment in place of other types of underlayment can add 10 years or more to the roof's lifespan. The same holds true of a metal decking as well. A metal decking will last much longer than a wood decking will.

Homeowners must also keep in mind that the lifespan of a deck depends on the type of weather conditions surround the house. Denver experiences some high rain and can see some snow throughout the year, which can weaken the roofing materials and reduce the length of a roof. Roofing contractors often work with products that come with a lasting warranty and offer a warranty of their own. The right warranty allows homeowners to stop worrying about how long the roof will last and begin enjoying their new roofs.

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