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Weatherization is an important task that every home needs to have done. Houses located in places that get snow and subfreezing temperatures need to have their caulking, insulation and roofing systems checked, while homes in other places might need to have hurricane shutters or backup sump pumps installed. By working with an experienced local Denver roofing service, property owners can make sure that their homes are ready for whatever nature might have in store over the upcoming months.

The first step in weatherizing a home is having a professional energy audit. This involves a thorough home inspection in order to identify places where air could be leaking out. The auditing process also helps to determine the R value of attic and wall insulation and the energy consumption of home appliances like water heaters, heat pumps and furnaces. Once the homeowner is made aware of inefficiencies, then contractors can come in to make updates, perform maintenance and conduct repairs.

Many communities offer financial incentives for home weatherization. This is meant to help make adding insulation or air sealing the home's ceilings, roof and walls more affordable.

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Property owners who live in their homes or who have tenants occupying the structures can apply for these programs through city, state and even federal agencies. Additional programs are frequently offered to senior citizens, people with chronic medical conditions and others who would especially benefit from a weatherized house. Anyone interested in these programs for making home weatherization more affordable should apply before winter cold or summer heat arrives, as application processing may take some time.

Even if there are no governmental programs that offer rebates or incentives for weatherizing a home, there could be some available through local utility companies. The electricity or natural gas company may offer homeowners credits on their bills or rebates for working with approved contractors to increase their attic's R value, add weather stripping to doors and windows or to replace energy hogging old refrigerators, clothes dryers and heat pumps.

Many roofers and other contractors offer their own cost savings programs for weatherization, with no need to apply or wait. The roofers may have access to manufacturer rebates to lower the cost of insulating materials. They may even offer payment plans so that homeowners can enjoy the immediate benefits of lower winter heating costs and summer air conditioning expenses. Another strategy that homeowners can employ is prioritizing weatherization activities. Air sealing by roofers could be done first, followed by having more insulation installed and then replacing old, inefficient appliances.

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