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Of all the components in a roofing system, rain gutters require the most frequent maintenance. This is because all of the dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris that land on the roof eventually get washed into the gutter's trough. Without any coverings on the gutter's opening, homeowners may find themselves climbing up to do gutter clean outs every month or two from the spring through the autumn months. Instead of spending so much time on this maintenance task, property owners could instead install some covers to stop all the junk from building up within the rain gutters. A consultation with a local Denver roofing expert can help homeowners select the best type of gutter protection for their needs.

The simplest cover for use on gutters is a metal screen. Rain and melting snow can drip into the gutters, but the screens keep out the leaves, sticks, birds' nests and other material. Screening can be purchased locally and in bulk. Made of woven metal, the screens can be cut to size with tin snips. The homeowner just needs to measure the correct length and add a few inches for overlap at the ends of the gutters. The width should be a few inches wider than the gutter openings as well, so that the edges can be folded over to create somewhat of a seal.

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The screens can be attached with clips for better adhesion.

Gutter toppers are long strips of material with slots in the sides for water to drain into the trough. These thin, flexible pieces are available in the same range of materials and colors as most gutters are made from so that they do not look out of place. These devices are more difficult to install and are pricier than screens.

Another option is to have a professional install gutter covers. These systems work in different ways. Some have louvers that allow drops of water to drip into the gutters. Others have a pointed drip edge so water can cascade into the troughs. A few manufacturers make covers with perforated tops that function in a similar way as screens. Most coverings must be professionally installed and become a permanent fixture of the roofing system.

One of the newest ways to keep stuff out of gutters is by putting in a filler system. The fillers are absorbent cellulose or related materials that soak up moisture and allow it to drain into the downspouts.

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