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A typical gutter system consists of two key components: the gutters and the downspouts. The gutters are the vinyl or metal pieces that wrap around the sides of the house and connect back to the roof. At the end of each piece of the gutter are matching components that run vertically down the length of the wall and feature an angled piece at the bottom. These are the downspouts that take the water carried through the gutters into the yard. Cleaning the system is an important step in maintaining the home and protecting the roof from water damage. Denver roofing companies can replace gutters and install gutter guards, and some local companies can also work out a maintenance program with homeowners.

There are two tools that make cleaning these systems easier. One is a gutter cleaning kit that comes with a long tool that has a curved plastic piece on the end. Some of the newest devices feature an expendable or telescoping pole that allows cleaners to reach deep into the gutters while standing on the ground. Another tool that works well for the job is a shop vac.

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Also known as a wet or dry vacuum, these vacuum cleaners can suck up any debris inside the gutters in minutes.

Though some homeowners opt to clean the gutters themselves, others know that professionals can get the job done in a fraction of the time. Professional cleaning from a roofing contractor or company may include an inspection as well. During the inspection, the workers will look for cracks that allow water to escape, loose connections between the gutters and downspouts and signs that the gutters no longer connect properly to the roof. They can recommend new systems to homeowners, give them a brief explanation of the different types of gutter systems and help them find one for their home.

Those hoping to cut down on the amount of cleaning they do every year may want to talk with a local roofer about installing gutter guards. Gutter guards feature a plastic or vinyl piece that usually wraps around or over the top of the gutters with some type of filtration unit on top. Usually made from wood, plastic or metal, the filter grabs any debris moving across the surface and stops that debris from getting inside the gutters. Newer designs feature sharp spikes that grab debris before it reaches the downspouts. Roofers can help homeowners choose a gutter guard and install the guard too.

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