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Finding the source of a roof leak sounds like an easy task. Most homeowners tend to assume that the location of the leak is directly above where the leak appeared in the ceiling or along one wall, but leaks can actually form several feet away from where the leak started. If the leak occurred because of a plumbing problem, homeowners may find that leaky pipes release water along one wall or across the ceiling, and if the problem relates to the roof, the leak may occur a few feet away from where the water penetrated the house. Denver roofing contractors have all the skills necessary to inspect a roof and home to find the source of the leak.

The first place contractors will look is around any projections on the roof. Dormers are the best example of a projection. If the dormer features any type of window, even a fixed window, they will check the weatherstripping seal around the glass. Loose weatherstripping can easily let in excess water. They will also check the dormer for any cracks in the seals around the walls of the dormer where it connects to the house. Even the smallest of cracks may cause a leak.

Contractors will also want to head upstairs to the second story of the home or its attic to look for the presence of any leaks.

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They will keep an eye out for mold or mildew, which indicates that there is some type of water present in the house. Mold or mildew forming on the ceiling or in the corner of the room shows contractors there is a leak inside the ceiling that keeps bleeding down into the room. Any cracks along the ceiling or soft drywall around the room gives contractors an idea about where the water comes from.

As part of identifying the source of a roof leak, roofing contractors will need to check out the roof of the house. This is the best way for them to find the leak. It may be something clear like a course or section of shingles missing from the roof, but they may need to look a little closer to find how the water got underneath the shingles and across the roof. Looking at the chimneys, flashing, shingles, underlayment, decking and all other components of the roof gives contractors a clear view of the roof and allows them to find exactly why the leak occurred and where it is on the roof.

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