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Basic roofing warranties normally extend to 10 or 15 years after installation. Any defects or unusual damages can be fixed within this time period, protecting homeowners from financial loss. Some material manufacturers and contractors offer extended warranties. To qualify a rooftop for warranty extension, homeowners must partner with reputable Denver roofing professionals for consistent structural care from the initial installation.

To start an original warranty on the right foot, homeowners should sign a service contract. This agreement promises consistent work from roofers as they check and repair the structure over a year or more. Contractors may be at the property two or three times a year based on contractual obligations, for instance. Frequent inspections and small repairs keep the original warranty valid with few charges billed to homeowners.

The signed contract keeps homeowners in touch with contractors every year during a basic warranty. As the warranty expiration date approaches, they should contact an official roof inspector. This individual is an unbiased third party, offering the home a solid evaluation for extended warranty purposes. When the inspector completes the examination, homeowners have another written document indicating a solid rooftop. If any problems are discovered, the inspector and contractor can work together to form a reasonable repair plan.

Gather all rooftop service history paperwork and apply for an extended warranty.

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Because all repairs and evaluations are in writing, material manufacturers and contractors have a clear view of rooftop quality. Extending the warranty shouldn't be a problem as long as no major structural issues exist. The material manufacturer may want to send another inspector to verify all rooftop checkpoints, however. Allow this professional access to the roof to ensure a renewed warranty.

All roofs develop different issues over time, making some warranties harder to obtain than others. If manufacturers are denying a warranty extension, homeowners can turn to legal representation. With all service history documented, the roof should pass all inspections. A legal professional simply helps homeowners maneuver through paperwork applications to secure extended warranties. The roof is an investment worth covering with any warranty possible.

Unusual rooftop weathering or aging can negatively affect a home's warranty status. If any issues arise immediately after an installation, homeowners must be diligent about following up on the repair work. If contractors miss any problems during inspection, those issues could be neglected over time. From the ridge board to soffit vents, all roof components must be verified with each appointment to keep all warranties in good standing.

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