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One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about purchasing a historic home is the house's energy efficiency. While these homes were originally built with practicality in mind, decades of aging has a negative impact on the structure. Windows are one of the first things to get torn out of a historic home because many professionals believe that there isn't any way for historic windows to be energy efficient. Homeowners striving to save as many aspects of their old home as possible should find a Denver roofing company that works to protect the history of the area's homes.

No matter the size of a home, replacing windows with brand new ones is a very expensive investment. While the upfront cost of new windows is daunting, it can also be difficult to find windows within the budget that also fit the architecture of a historic home. The National Trust for Historic Preservation performed a lengthy study showing there are retrofit options that will deliver as much energy efficiency as brand new windows do. It also showed that every available retrofit option offered a better return on investment than replacing the windows outright.

Weatherstripping is the most common way to retrofit a window, and it's the cheapest method.

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It reduces drafts, improves the airtightness of the window and allows the window's character to remain intact. Contrary to popular belief, weatherstripping doesn't provide any heat insulation, so if the home is losing heat, homeowners will need to do more than simply adding weatherstripping.

Many historic windows are in remarkable condition because they were protected year round by storm windows. Modern storm windows come in vinyl, wood and aluminum. Many manufacturers make storm windows that are identical to the home's original ones, or homeowners can order custom windows. Storm windows extend the life of existing windows and increase the window's thermal insulation. Fixed panel storm windows have to be removed during seasons where the windows will be opened regularly, but this might not matter in homes where there is an updated HVAC system.

Interior storm panels are installed inside the home and improve the existing window's thermal performance. These are a great option for homes with lead glass windows because the window isn't covered up from the outside and the character won't be covered up. They're very easy to install for the average homeowner, but they aren't recommended for homeowners who are simply trying to protect the home's original windows from the elements.

There are plenty of ways to save historic windows. Unfortunately, many homeowners and professionals don't realize that historic windows can be saved while still boosting the home's energy efficiency.

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