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Green roofing systems and cool roofs are two of the newest ways that homeowners can save on their summertime air conditioning costs while enjoying optimal levels of indoor comfort. When installed by an experienced local Denver roofing expert, these roofs add to the home's curb appeal and value. Property owners can learn about the benefits of these roofing types and work with an expert roofer to determine which method best suits their needs.

A cool roof can be installed while a house is being built or as a retrofit when an existing rooftop needs to be replaced. For homeowners who want to convert an existing asphalt shingle roof, consultation with an experienced roofing contractor can help determine the course of action. A typical plan is to tear off the current roofing materials and recycle as much of them as possible. Next, the roofers add layers of insulation and underlay, followed by a radiant barrier. A waterproofing material is placed to help protect the wooden sheathing, rafters and joists from moisture intrusion. Finally, cool tiles, sheet metal or natural slate are placed. If metal is selected, the roofers can coat it with a reflective epoxy coating in white or another light color.

A cool roof's surface can be up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a black asphalt shingle roof.

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Due to the cooler surface temperatures, the home's attic will not gain as much passive solar heat. This in turn helps the roof last longer, lowering its overall lifetime cost. The home's upper levels will also be more comfortable and the home's air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to maintain indoor comfort. Cool roofs that extend over patios and porches will also be more enjoyable during the summer. Cool roofs can be installed on any style of home or pitch of roof except for flat roofs.

Green roofs are another option for homeowners who would like to enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home. Retrofitting an existing house with a green roof may require more planning and some modifications to the roof's substructure, as the necessary drainage systems, gravel, soil and plants are heavier than most other materials. Green roofs are ideal for homes with a flat rooftop. Careful selection of the plants is essential to the roof's success. Many property owners start out with ground cover or other shallow rooted plants like native grasses and wildflowers that meet the region's hardiness zone requirements and can handle drought conditions and heavy winter snowfalls.

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