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Decra roofing has an outstanding history and is the original stone coated steel roofing system developed in 1957 as an answer to a wartime predicament. Decra metal has undergone numerous tests and proved its worth over the last 60 years. The metal roof has a reputation for strength and durability while enhancing the look of tile or shingle roofs.

This type of metal roofing has undergone testing for quality during severe weather conditions, including winds of up to 120 miles per hour and hailstorms. Decra's interlocking panels prevent the material from snapping, breaking down, twisting, coiling or splitting. Furthermore, steel is inflammable, making it an outstanding performer when it comes to fire.

The manufacturers engineer the roofing materials as sustainable products. The steel has long lasting durability and is recyclable at the end of its lifetime. Thus, this durable steel product can lessen the need to use future raw materials for new products. A trusted Denver roofing professional can install the metal roof over an existing roofing product, thus removing the need to peel off old roofing materials.

Most environmentalists appreciate the metal's ability to preserve drinking water. Decra metal products work in association with most rain catch structures. The quality of drinking water obtained from the rainwater that is in connection with Decra metal has undergone testing by a third party laboratory.

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The test results confirmed that the runoff water met both of the World Health Organization's physical and chemical standards for drinking water. In addition, the rainwater was neutral, was without taste, contained no odor and had an exceptionally low turbidity.

Furthermore, many homeowners claim to have a lower energy bill during both winter and summer months after replacing their roofs with a Decra metal roof. A Decra stone coated steel roof that fits over existing battens allows the material to offer improved airflow and a drop in energy use.

Decra roofs come in many styles, including a hand split wood shake style that provides the architectural design of a thick, hand divided wood shake united with the function and permanence of steel. Another design is the curved barrel roof, which provides a realistic raised roof appearance to add stature to any home.

A steel coated metal roof is durable and requires little to no maintenance during its lifetime. All Decra products have a Class A fire appraisal. In addition, Decra steel has a Class 4 bearing endurance as to UL 2218 and a limited warranty for 50 years.

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