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A number of different options are available to homeowners looking for new shingles for their roofs. Asphalt is usually the best choice for those trying to save money. When homeowners are concerned primarily with aesthetics, slate and other types of natural stone have a more decorative look. Homeowners may also opt for roofing tiles instead of shingles. A roofing tile is made from one material or a combination of materials that goes into a kiln for firing. One of the newest types of tiles for residential roofs is concrete. Concrete is just as durable as other tile shingles but often costs less. If homeowners want to get the style of roof they desire, they should find a Denver roofing company with experience installing concrete shingles.

Concrete roofing tiles come in three different designs. Low profile tiles have a slight curve that provides more texture and dimension to the roof. High profile tiles have a deeper and stronger curve that some prefer. A flat profile tile is completely flat. These tiles look more like traditional shingles and are easier for contractors to install. Homeowners may want to look at samples of each profile before they make a purchase.

Tiles made from concrete are a good choice for those concerned with protecting the environment.

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Concrete is essentially just a combination of cement and water with a little sand thrown into the mix. The sand adds texture to the tiles and serves the same purpose as granules on asphalt shingles. A small amount of sand sloughs off water that comes into contact with the roof and may push debris away as well. Manufacturers may use recycled materials when creating the tiles. This lets homeowners do their part to save the environment while repairing their roofs.

Though concrete is heavier than other types of shingles, these tiles come with benefits not found with other materials. Concrete is much more dependable when it comes to fires and often carries a high fire rating because it prevents the spread of fires along the roof. When contractors add an underlayment to the roof and ensure that the decking can support the weight, these tiles can last for up to 50 years. Homeowners will also find that concrete does a better job of protecting the roof from wind, rain and snow than traditional shingles do. Contractors may even install the concrete tiles directly on top of any additional shingles to keep costs down.

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