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Denver Roofing: Article About Common Wood Shake Roof Concerns

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Wood shake roofs may seem outdated, but they're actually very practical in today's world. While it is most commonly seen on historic homes, wood shake is still frequently used in other parts of the world. Homeowners who love the look of wood shake shingles should talk with their Denver roofing company for advice regarding the care and maintenance of this unique material.

Weathering is a common concern for those considering wood shakes. Some people believe that wood weathers poorly, leading to an unattractive roof a couple of years after installation. The opposite is true, however. The color is the first thing to change, and most woods gracefully transition from their natural color to a pleasant gray color a year after installation. As the wood continues to receive exposure from UV rays, the silver gray shade will gradually transition into a graphite shade.

Another worry for homeowners is the curling and cracking visible on older shakes. This is normal, and some people enjoy their shingles taking on a weathered, cottage like appearance. The wood will change in shape and texture as it endures numerous freeze cycles and the shrinking and expanding from moisture exposure. It's important to note that small cracks are normal, but deep cracks exposing the substrate beneath the shingles can lead to leaks and structure damage.

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Most major problems with wood shingles are preventable if the roof is properly maintained. The most important precaution a homeowner can take to prolong the life of their roof is to consistently remove debris from the roof's surface. The main purpose of a roof is to shed water, and accumulated debris will hold water and allow fungi and lichens to grow. Before the wet seasons begin, homeowners should ensure any leaves, needles, dirt, or other debris are removed from the roof. This should be done at least once a year, but twice a year is even better. If the roof is particularly prone to moss or fungi growth, zinc strips can be installed to minimize their growth. To further promote drying, any overhanging branches should be trimmed. The shade from those branches will encourage moisture to linger, and the rubbing will also gradually loosen their fasteners.

Wood shake shingles are great architectural features on any home. With careful care and regular upkeep, shakes can last for 60 years. If a homeowner is looking for a roofing option that's both beautiful and practical, they should consider having shake shingles installed on their home.

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