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Clay is one of the most durable and reliable primary materials that contractors can install. Denver roofing specialists can arrive at the customer's home and help them choose a unique style and type of clay for their property, as there are many unique options available with this material. Homeowners will be able to enjoy a durable and efficient rooftop when they invest in these tiles, but the material is not entirely foolproof. While there are some advantages that come with this system, there are also some disadvantages that customers should be aware of in order to make a more informed purchase.

To begin, it is important for all homeowners to consult with professionals before they finalize any installations. Setting up these tiles will always require skilled and experienced contractors. Individuals will want to make sure that the experts can do the job right so that they can avoid potential problems in the future. Improper installation can lead to stability and structural faults in the long term of the system.

While the surface of most clay systems can resist leaks and other moisture problems, the spaces between the tiles can be problematic. If these tiles leak, the structure underneath the roof's surface will be damaged. Homeowners should be sure to inspect their roofs frequently after a storm, as these tiles can slip off the roof and be blown away by strong winds.

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Excess weight can be enough to break these tiles, especially given their camber. While the natural strength of this material can be enough to withstand elemental and physical damage, it may not be enough to withstand the weight of human movement. If access to the roof is necessary, the tiles should be removed, as walking over them can be enough to seriously damage them.

Clay tiles will also not be recommended for most low pitch roofs. These tiles can be heavy, which means that they should be established on systems that have good wall and roof support. When asked about the possible installations, some roofers may provide their customers with a lightweight variety of clay tiles to provide many of the same benefits at an easier to manage weight.

Finally, homeowners should be sure to budget before they purchase this system. Clay tiles can be some of the most expensive materials to purchase for a long term roofing system. While they will be able to stand the test of time, their initial installation cost can be very steep for homeowners who are not prepared for it.

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