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Individuals involved with the construction of a new home or major renovation of an existing structure will find that the number of decisions made can be intimidating. Choosing a roof that best matches the architectural style of the home is among the many difficult choices. Denver roofing professionals can offer advice on the various roofing styles and materials that are available, and they can assist with determining which type fits best with the working budget.

One way homeowners can come up with ideas on the various roofing options is to simply take a walk through their own neighborhood. A basic familiarity with the different styles of roofs that are commonly used on houses today allows homeowners to more effectively communicate their ideas to their roofing contractors.

Homeowners will notice that many houses are fitted with a combination of two or more roofing styles. There may even be cases where a roof initially appears unique, but a closer look reveals it is actually a variation of one of the more common types. Thinking simpler can help in understanding how the roof should be constructed. For example, a shed roof is the simplest of the well known styles. It is a plain surface that is sloped to allow for drainage.

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A gable roof is the combination of two sloped surfaces that join together at the top with a ridge that runs the length of the house. A mansard roof is one with two slopes on each side. The lower slope is usually much steeper than the upper and often has windows added to it.

Occasionally, homes will have round rooms built onto the end for a unique appearance. This presents a challenge for the homeowner who is trying to figure out how a round roof should be designed. A closer look at an existing structure with a round room will reveal that the roof is not actually round. Instead, it may actually be a variation of a hip roof that has a number of evenly sized sections that fit over a round roof. A pyramid hip roof is one in which all the sides join at a common point at the top. The basic difference in this type of roof on a square structure as opposed to a round one is the number of sections. Rather than the traditional four sides, a roof over a round structure is more likely to have six to eight.

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