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No one wants to walk into the home they're thinking of purchasing to see ceiling stains. They're unsightly, but more importantly, ceiling stains can be signs of an issue that's expensive to repair. It's not always possible to pinpoint the cause of every ceiling stain; however, the location of the ceiling stain can point to its most likely source.

Potential homeowners who find a leak are most concerned that it could be a sign that the roof is failing. If a roof is going to need replacement, it is something potential buyers want to know before they put in an offer. Professional home inspectors can use technology such as moisture meters to find out if the stain is from an old leak or if the leak is still active. If a ceiling stain is showing active moisture, the home inspector should attempt to find the source of the leak. If they trace the leak to a faulty roof, a Denver roofing contractor can provide an assessment.

Ceiling stains that are dry could mean that the homeowner has repaired the leak or simply that the cause of the stain isn't currently present. Ideally, a potential buyer should ask the seller if they know why there's a ceiling stain and if its cause has been fixed or not.

If a buyer sees ceiling stains around walls that face the outdoors, especially when the stains are in the corners, ice dams are frequently to blame.

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Ice dams often form when there isn't enough ventilation and insulation in the attic. This can be remedied by improving both of those factors.

Many times, people see stains surrounding bathroom exhaust fans. When the duct that runs from the vent up through the attic space doesn't have an airtight seal with the roof vent, or if it's blocked, the moisture that should be escaping out of the house will be trapped. This can cause major condensation inside of the duct, which will leak downwards to cause a water stain. The obvious remedy for this sort of problem is to make sure the duct from the exhaust fan is connected correctly and that all connections are airtight.

Sometimes there are random stains on a ceiling with no apparent leaks as their cause. Condensation in the attic may be the problem. Frost can build up in the wintertime, and then as the weather gets warmer, the frost melts and creates stains on the ceiling below. The way to fix this issue is to improve the attic's insulation and ventilation.

Ceiling stains should be investigated in any home. Fortunately, most of them are only indicative of old leaks that the homeowner has resolved. An active leak that's not repaired isn't easy to hide and will quickly destroy a ceiling.

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