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Most people probably think that the biggest dangers to their home are high winds, tornadoes or other major natural disasters. However, water damage is far more likely, and it can do incredible amounts of damage to a home. In fact, if water damage occurs in structural components in a house, it can even cause a roof to collapse.

Denver roofing is designed to keep water out of a home, but, for the roof to do this job properly, it must be well maintained. Water does not require a big hole in a roof or a number of missing shingles to make its way into a home. Small leaks are sufficient to cause damage over time.

Since a home is built with a roof that is designed to keep water out, internal structures in a home, including support structures, are not generally designed to repel water. This means that when water is allowed to soak into wooden support structures, the wood can become weak and reduce its load bearing capacity, potentially leading to a roofing collapse.

Additionally, water in a home can lead to mold, reduce the ability of insulation to do its job and cause electrical fires if water gets into a home's wiring. When there are large amounts of moisture in a house, mold can develop in just 24 hours.

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If it spreads to an HVAC system, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

One of the major causes of roof leaks is standing water, which generally forms when water cannot flow off of a roof. During the majority of the year, standing water is caused by a depression in a roof or when water builds up around chimneys or where two parts of a roof meet. In the winter, ice dams can lead to standing water.

Roofs are built at an incline, and even so called flat roofs have some incline, they are just built with a smaller degree of tilt. This incline means that gravity helps water run off of a roof. However, if a depression forms or something keeps water from flowing, water will sit on a roof. When water does not run off of a roof, it can work its way into imperfections, leading to leaks.

Ice dams form when snow melts and refreezes again, generally along the edge of a roof. When ice freezes again, it creates a dam that prevents any other melted snow from running off of a roof, potentially allowing leaks to form.

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