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Not all roofs are exactly the same, which is why those who own commercial properties with a flat roof on top may need some extra help. The lack of any valleys prevents the natural flow of water. When rain falls on a hipped, gable or another type of roof, the moisture should slide down the peaks and valleys into the gutters and away from the roof. With a flat roof, the water has nowhere to go. The best solution for removing water from a flat roof and ensuring that rain and snow leaves the roof is with the addition of a built-up roof. Building up a roof lets Denver roofing contractors add extra materials to protect the roof from water damage.

Those who own commercial properties must understand the dangers associated with rain and snow. Snow and ice can develop on the surface of the roof and cover vents on the roof. Those vents cannot properly release heat and air from inside the building, which can lead to mold or mildew appearing both in the walls and along the ceiling.

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The puddles and pools of standing water left behind after a storm can lead to insects invading or taking over the roof and water that leaks inside the building.

Most of the built up roofs that contractors install today rely heavily on asphalt materials. Asphalt is relatively affordable and lasts for a decade or longer. Contractors will first remove any old materials from the roof and then clean the remove to ensure the surface is completely smooth and level. They then use a combination of asphalt and coal tar. A layer of asphalt goes on the roof first before contractors lay down a layer of coal tar. They continue adding more layers and shaping those layers to give the roof some depth. Shaping the layers of tar and asphalt also allows the roofers to give the roof an angled or sloped surface.

Commercial property owners interested in adding a built up roof to an existing flat or low sloped roof should consider the benefits. These roofs offer more in the way of waterproofing and keeping water out of the building. Built up roofs may also help when it comes to the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun and with blocking those rays to keep the building cooler. Other benefits commercial building owners may appreciate include adding to the lifespan of the roof, protecting the roof from the elements and maintaining the roof.

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