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Homeowners living in Denver may find that their homes feel cooler in the winter, even after they crank up the heat. They may also notice ice dams forming on the sides of their homes and icicles hanging from the roof or gutters. The leading cause for all these problems is a lack of proper insulation. Older insulation featured a fiberglass construction and came in bright pink colors that resembled cotton candy. Homes that feature this type of insulation, old newspapers as insulation or no insulation at all can benefit from new insulation. Denver roofing companies often recommend that homeowners opt for this service before winter hits.

Insulation serves an important purpose in any home. It is the main thing that prevents heat loss and keeps air from leaving the house. Contractors often install the material inside the walls, in the ceiling and between floors to give homeowners more protection from the cold. There are several different types now available, including wood fiber insulation and composite insulation. Composite insulation consists of some type of laminated material with wood fibers and other products. It comes in large sheets that contractors can cut before installing in the home.

Homeowners should consider the benefits of new insulation when deciding to replace the existing materials in their homes.

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As it prevents heat loss, it does a good job of keeping the attic and upper floors of the house warm. This keeps snow and ice from melting and later refreezing, which is what causes ice dams and icicles. It also serves as a barrier between the house and outdoor elements. Wild animals like squirrels and birds can get through holes or cracks in the roof and build nests inside the home. Insulation that comes in large sheets act as a barrier to keep small animals from accessing the house.

New insulation can also significantly reduce the energy bills that homeowners face. Heating and cooling bills are among the most expensive bills they pay each month, but new insulation can drop those energy bills by 20 percent or more. Much of the heat loss that a home experiences comes from the walls and roof/ceiling. Adding new insulation to those areas of the home will reduce this heat loss. It also does a good job of keeping cold air inside the home during the late spring and summer months to cut back on the amount of air conditioning that homeowners and their families need on hot days.

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