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A roof could be three or 20 years old, but it still requires consistent service calls for optimal functionality. If leaks develop across a rooftop, interior damages create expensive repair bills. Whether a home has galvanized metal roofing or traditional shingles, Denver roofing professionals should be frequent visitors at the property for regular checkups. These professionals use expert checklists to ensure all rooftop products are properly working against weathering elements.

All rooftops have penetrations, including pipes and chimneys. These areas are leak prone because they disturb shingle continuity across the surface. Contractors walk around each penetration and carefully examine their transition points. Any gaps or crevices must be covered or filled with appropriate materials. Rainwater streaming down the rooftop will often drain along penetration edges, making their water resistant transitions crucial to a healthy structure.

Another checklist component is drip edges. Along roof eaves are shingles that slightly overhang the edge. This edge should be covered by metal to protect the wood decking. If any water flowing off the eave drifts slightly upward, the drip edge coats the decking area and forces the moisture to drain into gutters.

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Drip edges must be flat against the eave to properly function, so contractors move along the entire roof perimeter to verify strong installation at each service appointment.

Homeowners are usually most concerned about shingle health, especially possible surface anomalies. All basic inspections must include careful shingle examinations as workers walk carefully on rooftops. They'll look for cracks, dents, blisters and even missing shingles. Even minute damages can evolve into big problems if left on rooftops. Contractors estimate and replace damaged shingles to keep the entire rooftop as one water resistant surface.

Complementing shingles is metal flashing found along rooftop transition points. This metal is strong enough to last for several decades but can warp and detach with weathering elements. Roofers inspect flashing fasteners for any detachment along with possible rust spots. Flashing can be reattached and formed back into place during minor repairs, but homeowners may want new pieces to further improve the roof's lifespan.

Each rooftop has different square footage values, making inspection time periods relatively varied. On average, a complete rooftop checklist should take about an hour to complete. Contractors must physically touch and visually examine all major components to ward off possible leaks. Rooftop inspections may take slightly longer in some cases, so homeowners are welcome to ask questions afterward about particular elements. A healthy rooftop should have all components firmly attached and free from cracks.

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