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Gutters play an important role in protecting roofs from water damage. Unfortunately, many people do not hang gutters correctly, thereby rendering them ineffective. The following are some of the most common issues Denver roofing companies see when it comes to gutters.

Gutters should not be level, but should contain a slight pitch to them so that water can run through them freely. Determining the right pitch is challenging, because it requires precise calculations be made. Too shallow a pitch might result in water stagnating, while too large a pitch may create an awkward appearance.

The right hangers should be used when attaching gutters to the fascia of a home. Often times, people choose hangers that are not the right size for the gutters they are supporting. They may also space hangers too far apart, or fail to use the proper hardware to secure them. Any of these instances can result in gutters that are unable to support themselves, eventually leading to damage or collapse.

Choosing the wrong size gutters is another common mistake many homeowners make. Standard-sized gutters are appropriate for most homes; however, those with extremely steep pitches may need larger gutters. Likewise, homes located in areas that receive a great deal of precipitation should have bigger gutters as well.

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The size of downspouts should also be increased whenever larger gutters are chosen. Many people make the initial mistake of trying to fit standard-sized downspouts into larger gutters to no avail. Not only do these gutters not fit well, but they also cannot carry the proper amount of water efficiently. Over time, this can place pressure on the downspouts, causing them to burst. Having smaller downspouts can also result in water spewing over the sides of the gutters because it isn't flowing freely enough.

It's also important to place gutters in the right locations. In addition to being needed along the eaves, they could also be necessary in the valleys of very steep roofs. Homes with dormer windows may also benefit from having dormer gutters installed. Both of these gutters help prevent water from pooling in areas where it is most likely to cause damage.

To avoid these mistakes, only those who are experienced at hanging gutters should attempt to do so. Hiring a professional may cost more money, but results are guaranteed to protect the roof, which is one of the most critical aspects of any building, for years to come.

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