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Denver Roofing: Article About Aluminum Gutters Advantages and Drawbacks

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Gutters and downspouts might seem like an insignificant component of the roof, but Denver roofing experts know that in actuality, they play an extremely important role in maintaining its longevity. The most commonly installed type of gutter is constructed with aluminum, and they account for around 80 percent of all gutters that are installed in America.

High quality aluminum gutters will never rust, and they can handle a greater water capacity than other types of gutters such as wood based versions. Thicknesses of aluminum gutters vary, but the most consistent and thickest option is called primary aluminum. Even though it might require a bit larger of an investment, primary aluminum gutters tend to last a long time, and they hold up quite well under a wide range of weather patterns and temperature variations. A less expensive version called secondary aluminum is constructed with recycled materials, which makes it more of an environmentally friendly option.

Homeowners who live in areas that experience heavy snowfall accumulation, such as Colorado, are encouraged to purchase heavyweight aluminum gutters because ice and snow will not cause them to warp as easily as lighter materials do.

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If cost is a factor, homeowners can save money by purchasing a heavyweight material in an unpainted version, which still achieves incredible durability and an attractive look.

Aluminum gutters are available in two basic sizes. Most homes feature 5 inch aluminum gutters, but the 6 inch version can handle much more water flow. For this reason, many commercial buildings feature this larger version, although it requires roofing contractors to do some advanced planning before installing them. In order to fit 6 inch gutters, the fascia board must also be sized correctly. Many buildings feature 1 by 6 foot fascia boards, which cannot handle the load capacity of 6 inch gutters. The contractors will need to replace the fascia boards with new materials that are 1 by 8 inches size in order to ensure that the gutters will be properly secured.

As compared to many other types of roofing materials, only a few drawbacks are associated with installing aluminum gutters. In order to prevent denting, they must be handled with extra care. Since they easily dent, homeowners are encouraged to never place a ladder directly on them.

Still, the gutters are inexpensive, yet they provide an excellent lifespan. They are by far the best choice for seamless gutter systems. They retain their color quite well, and many homeowners appreciate that they will never have to repaint them.

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