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Installing solar panels on a roof is becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners. Rising energy prices and government incentives and tax breaks for installing home solar systems continues to drive this trend. A qualified Denver roofing contractor can help a home or business owner more fully understand the costs and advantages of installing roof mounted solar.

Since most homeowners don't have large amounts of extra open space on their property, panels installed on rooftops are a nice alternative. Traditional panels, however, are highly noticeable and may be unsightly if the home has a lighter colored roof or if the owner is looking for neat and clean roof faces. In certain areas, housing authorities or homeowners' associations may prohibit roof mounted panels due to their appearance. This is where advances in solar technology can help. Solar shingles are a new option for roof mounted solar systems that solve many of the problems associated with traditional panels.

Solar shingles function identically to solar panels. They capture sunlight and convert it to energy using a photovoltaic cell, producing clean and noiseless energy whenever the sun is shining. The key difference between shingles and panels is that solar shingles are much thinner and lighter. They are often composed or more advanced materials such as thin film copper indium gallium selenide. Rather than being placed over the roof, they are attached directly to the under layers.

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Just like a normal shingle, they are integrated into the roofing design and have significantly more curb appeal. When viewed from the street, they will appear black, sleek and almost indistinguishable from many types of black shingles such as asphalt, rubber or slate.

An important consideration for solar shingles is their cost. They are more expensive than regular panels and more costly and time consuming to install. If they are being applied to an already complete roof, there may be additional costs associated with the removal and disposal of the old roofing. This all adds up to make solar panels about three times more expensive per watt than regular panels, but the cost is slowly coming down. It is best to consider solar shingles as part of a new roof or included with a total replacement project.

The standard consideration for all home solar systems applies to solar shingles. They should be installed for maximum sun exposure and must be kept clear of debris. They will also need some additional infrastructure beyond the shingles themselves. At the least, they need a power converter and hookup to the municipal grid. Properly planning a solar installation can cut costs and greatly reduce waste and ineffective installation.

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