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The choices homeowners make regarding their roofs can have a significant effect on property value. Consider that there are practical, economical roofing choices on the market, such as tar coatings, that simply don't have popular appeal and can actually lower the resale value of a home. Determining the roof options that are popular in a given area can be as simple as noting recently sold houses in the area, consulting with area real estate agents, and speaking with local Denver roofing contractors.

If a homeowner is purchasing a new roof and plans to sell the home before that new roof runs its course, then Realtors often recommend making roofing choices based on the eventual resale. A good looking roof is a big part of high curbside appeal, and curbside appeal can dictate how fast a home is sold and how close to the asking price a buyer gets. Architectural shingles with built in algae protection may be more expensive up front, but they're going to look great and have excellent inherent value.

Keep in mind that a roof is often a point of contention in residential property sales.

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Consumers recognize the potential costs associated with purchasing a home with a roof that requires extensive repair or nears the end of its life. If a homeowner planning to sell invests in standard asphalt shingles, then he or she may only have a five year or so period in which that purchase is an asset. Laminated shingles, on the other hand, could more than double that period.

Buyers will generally evaluate a roof based on the projected total cost of the roof, and there are often many expenses associated with maintaining a roof in ideal condition. This assessment of cost is why some roofs that are very expensive up front, such as slate, can actually provide a return on investment. Slate requires practically no maintenance and can last the life of the home, and since it's already installed, there are none of the normal concerns that come with upgrading to a slate roof.

A strong roof warranty can also help to strengthen the resale value of a home. Extended warranties that cover defects for many years and even extend to workmanship are particularly attractive to buyers. Such warranties usually require ownership transfer and there may be fees involved, but that transfer fee is a relatively minor cost that can often make a big difference in the final sale price of a home.

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