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Wood shake systems are efficient and reliable. They can provide the home with a great degree of style and durability, and homeowners value these systems for their longevity and versatility. However, new customers might not know what type of wood they should use for their primary system. Aurora roofing experts can provide customers with a variety of options when it comes to their wood materials, but customers should learn a little bit more about the available varieties in order to make the most informed purchase in the future.

Red cedar is the most common wood shake option available. It comes standard in a variety of grades for all types of constructions, and the highly revered wood is extremely durable and resistant to all types of problems. The natural enemies of wood shakes are rot and insects, and this material is resistant against both. These systems are designed to last long and provide homeowners with a reliable degree of protection during their life.

Cypress is another frequently used option. This material is highly resistant to rot, and it can provide the home with a reliable degree of protection against decay and fungus. It secretes natural oils that help it repel insects and other unwanted pests. Because of the way that this wood grows, its tight rings create a very dense grain, allowing it to withstand impact damage better.

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The honey locust is another popular option. It is sometimes known as the thorny locust, and it is frequently used for its durability. The lumber that is produced by this species is extremely durable and capable of being polished to a fine surface. However, these trees do not grow in large numbers, and they are usually very expensive to install as a primary roofing surface.

The attractive color of redwood lumber makes it a prime option for a roofing system. The durable surface is capable of lasting upwards of 50 years without much need for maintenance. It is capable of withstanding all types of wear and tear, including weather damage and impact damage. There are numerous sealant options available as well, allowing this material to last even longer.

Finally, for homeowners who want to invest in a more affordable option, pin is an available alternative. Pine lumber is one of the most bountiful varieties available with a very high rate of sustainability. Homeowners will be able to invest in an attractive and durable roofing system all while reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

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