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Aurora Roofing: Article About Storm Damage, Contractors and Insurance

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When a home sustains damage from a storm, knowing what to do and how to get one's home repaired quickly is definitely important. This is especially true when there is roof damage. The roof is designed to protect a home, but, when it is compromised by high winds or other types of storm damage, it can leave a home vulnerable to even more infrastructure problems. For example, if the roof deck is exposed, it won't be long before water is leaking inside the home.

Homeowners should find a trusted Aurora roofing contractor that they can call in an emergency. When damage is extensive, homeowners can waste valuable time reading reviews and following up with references. The time to do this is when a roofing contractor isn't needed. This will allow a homeowner to do their research without feeling rushed. They will be able to thoroughly evaluate a roofing contractor's credentials and follow up with references without the stress of needed emergency services.

Another important item that needs to be in place before a problem arises is the right type of insurance. Storms can crop up at any time and homeowners should make sure they are prepared. Homeowners insurance is available in both actual cash value policies as well as replacement cost policies.

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Replacement policies are much harder to find, but they offer comprehensive coverage and less out of pocket expense for the homeowner. Of course, monthly premiums will also be significantly higher.

Many homeowners are unsure of the type of coverage they have. They might know their deductible, but little else. It is extremely important that homeowners periodically review their insurance policy. It is also important to know exactly what type of damage will be covered. If a homeowner has any doubt, they should contact their insurance agent to discuss the details of their coverage.

An important factor that homeowners should understand is that the typical actual cash value policy can require a substantial out of pocket payment from the policy holder. Not only will the homeowner be required to pay their deductible prior to the insurance company making a settlement, but they might also be surprised at how the settlement is calculated. An ACV policy will prorate the cost of a roof. If a homeowner has already had their roof for 10 years of a 30 year warranty, the insurance company will calculate coverage based on the remaining two thirds of the roof's life expectancy.

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