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The Solar Energy Industries Association recently announced that in the first half of 2015, an estimated 66,000 new solar panels appeared on homes throughout the country. That figure brings the total number of residences with solar energy to about 700,000.

Although people have used the sun to heat water for centuries, solar powering homes began in the 1950s. Solar power technology has increased over the decades allowing homeowners several new alternatives for energy creation.

The most common solar power array used today is photovoltaic or PV panels. PV panels transpose sun rays into electricity, by installing the squares on the roof directly facing the sun.

Manufacturers describe solar panels as units made up of cells placed in a racking system attached to the home's roof. However, if the home lacks insolation, roofers can install the segments on the ground with a specialized mounting system.

Even so, not all solar systems are the made the same. When speaking to a trusted Aurora roofing expert a homeowner should inquire about which system will work best for the home. The reliable roofer can also determine the size of an array, which depends on the insolation and the amount of power needed to run the residence.

The added advantage to installing solar panels includes free energy.

The roofing experts at Roof Worx of Aurora CO can assist you with any questions regarding gutter guards or shingle roofing.

Since the sun gives the power needed to generate electricity for the home, there are a monthly savings reflected on the bill. However, if the home is set up for net metering, any electricity produced in excess of the homeowners need will transfer back to the grid. The electric company purchases the extra power and provides a credit on the next bill.

The Federal, State and local authorities have an incentive program that grant tax breaks, discounts and rebates on new renewable energy products and solar panel installations until the end of 2016.

Eco friendly property owners can appreciate that solar power reduces the reliance on the utility companies. Furthermore, the power provided by the sun does not emit any harmful radiation, which could affect the atmosphere. Experts say that the installation of solar panels can minimize the carbon dioxide footprint by 35,000 pounds annually, which is equivalent to planting 88 trees a year.

Finally, homeowners should note that they could also enjoy added solar energy savings by warming the water in heated swimming pools, run outdoor lighting, and operating RVs with alternative installation modules and pole structures. Each apparatus is a reliable energy source.

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