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Aurora Roofing: Article About Roofing Rafter Considerations

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Aurora roofing professionals look forward to material tearoff processes because these jobs allow workers to see decking and rafters after years of being hidden under shingles and underlayment. Ideally, structural wood should be in perfect health with a strong rooftop protecting it. Homeowners may not realize that small leaks into the structure can damage wood, especially rafters. Contractors must evaluate all rafter sections with specialized techniques when the structure doesn't require an entire tearoff procedure.

On a basic service call, contractors cannot see the rafters from an exterior view. They'll enter the attic to look at the wood from below. Workers even see some decking areas with this inspection technique. All lumber areas are carefully analyzed for any damages, indicating issues from above. Roofers note these problematic areas and use their location to find issues on the rooftop.

With a rough location estimate on the rooftop surface, contractors remove a small material section to see the deck. This plywood could have several levels of damage, so contractors use their experience to move forward with troubleshooting. They may even remove a deck section to see the rafters completely exposed. Any rafter problems could require further evaluation with material removal as a core procedure. Homeowners have to approve an estimate at this point because of the labor intensive work.

The expert roofers at Roof Worx of Aurora can assist you with any questions regarding shingle roofing or roof leak repair.

If homeowners look under their roof eaves, they may notice vertical lumber extending out for deck support. These lumber sections are actually rafter tips or tails. Major damages along rafters will often spread out to the tails. Contractors evaluate these areas and might even strip away some exterior paint to see the lumber's wood grain. Wood displays saturation and other damages very easily along rafter tail sections.

The two main types of damage contractors look for along rafters are stains and pests. Stains could be entirely dry but remain on display for contractors to use as clues indicating water damage. Pests, including termites, work their way into rafters when tails have some exposed wood. Extensive wood damage must be replaced entirely.

From snow guards to elaborate flashing installations, all roofs have many material layers that contractors must evaluate. For the best rooftop care, homeowners should hire one contractor and remain loyal to their services. These workers will have intimate knowledge of the roof when it's in prime condition, giving them a chance to notice subtle changes as weathering and aging set in. Homeowners can even sign a service contract to solidify the business relationship for many years.

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