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When homeowners are asked what it is that keeps a building cool, the majority of them say air conditioning. However, Aurora roofing professionals realize that the first line of defense against heat accumulation in a building is its roof. When the weather is hot outside, a well designed roof will release the sun's rays as opposed to absorbing and storing them.

Traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, will hold heat from the sun and transfer that heat into the attic. Other types of roofing material, such as metal roofs, will reflect light and heat away from the building instead of letting it penetrate the building.

The color of the roof plays a big role in its ability to keep the building cool. The United States Energy Secretary commented, "If all the roofs in an urban area were painted white or a light color, the cost of running air conditioning would drop by approximately 15 percent."

Slate is a roofing material that will help keep the inside of a building cool. Slate has been used as a roofing material since the 17th century. A slate roof is very strong and can last for more than a century.

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Light colored and earth tone slate shingles reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by a building. This is because slate has natural reflective properties.

Although slate will keep a home cool, some of the downsides of using this material are its price and its weight. Although slate is very durable, it can also fracture easily. This makes it more expensive to transport when compared to less breakable materials. Additionally, slate roofs can only be installed by professionals who use specialized tools like a slate hammer.

Terra cotta and clay tiles are other roofing materials that help keep a home cool. They are popular in areas that experience high heat like South and Central America. Terra cotta and clay roofing material are naturally light in color, allowing them to reflect the sun's heat as opposed to absorbing it. The distinctive half barrel, or S shape, of terra cotta tiles allows for a small arch underneath each tile where air and water can circulate, thereby preventing heat from being captured in the home below.

Terra cotta roofs are very heavy. They can only be installed on a roof that has been reinforced to support their weight. They are not ideal for areas that have earthquakes or cold weather because they become brittle and snap. Homeowners should check with a structural engineer before installing terra cotta tiles on their home.

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