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When a homeowner hires an Aurora roofing company to install a new roof, that new roof can be guaranteed in a number of different ways: implied warranties, a basic manufacturer warranty, an extended manufacturer warranty, and labor and workmanship guarantees. Generally, such warranties are only valid for the period in which the homeowner actually owns or even lives in the home. In other words, if a homeowner has a basic roof warranty that isn't transferable, the contract becomes null and void when the home is sold or rented.

Many warranties can be transferred, however. An implied warranty, for instance, transfers automatically, and other types of warranties transfer based on the guidelines established in the fine print of the contract. Some basic warranties are simply active for the entire warranty period regardless of who owns or lives in the residence. This usually isn't the case, however, when it comes to extended warranties because of the costs involved, and in those scenarios, a transfer of ownership is usually required.

Transferring a warranty or guarantee usually requires a fee. Often, this fee is small and is just present to cover the cost of updating the contract, printing the new documents and mailing copies. In some cases, a warranty issuer may try to cover some of its liability through the transfer fee, and in that event, the consumer must evaluate that cost against the potential savings over the long term.

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Homeowners should keep in mind that the manufacturer and contractor are distinct, and if a consumer has guarantees from both, then these transfer processes will be separate, and both may require fees.

When it comes to extensive extended warranties, the manufacturer often requires an inspection of the roof and then mandates certain repairs that must be completed before it will transfer the warranty. That inspection is often performed at no cost, but there may be a charge if the original homeowner chooses not to proceed with the transfer process. If the process is completed, then the roof is fully covered by the extended warranty for the new homeowner.

Whether or not warranty transfer is worth it depends on many different factors. It can be a polarizing topic, and some in the industry argue that such warranties generally aren't worth it. Transferred warranties do, however, have perceived value when selling a home, and if a homeowner plans to sell a home in the near future, then assuring relative ease of transferability can be worthwhile.

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