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Smart homeowners take the time to learn about potential threats to the roof. Rain and moisture can cause big problems, and, if a homeowner doesn't know what to look out for, major damage can occur. Keep an eye out for these situations and call on an Aurora roofing company to make necessary repairs.

Leaking is perhaps the most obvious problem that occurs during rainfall, but it isn't always as noticeable as one might imagine. Only a large hole in the roof is likely to cause obvious dripping. More frequently, the homeowner will be able to find a patch of wetness inside the attic. Sometimes, water leaks in at one spot, then travels down the rafters to create a more noticeable puddle in different location. It's a good idea to check for these types of leaks either during the storm or soon after.

Unfortunately, when there's a leak in the roof, the excess moisture creates the conditions for mold growth. This is likely to start showing up in the attic, but mold development can travel to other parts of the home. Mold can come in a variety of colors, so, if there is any doubt about a discolored area, have a professional test a sample to determine whether or not it is mold.

Draining problems can also be a concern when it's raining.

The expert roofers at Roof Worx of Aurora can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or gutter guards.

The gutters are designed to direct rain away from the home. If there is a clog, the water could pool and start to soak into the wood near that area. It's also possible that the downspouts are not directing rain far enough away from the home. Too much water pooling around the foundation of the home could cause flooding or even damage to the foundation's infrastructure. Homeowners should always be sure that the gutters are in good working condition to avoid these types of problems. A simple check in the springtime to be sure that no damage occurred during the winter months should be sufficient.

Rain creates a damp environment, and some roofs, if exposed to shade, will never stay completely dry. In these cases, moss can start to grow on the roof, as can certain algae. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also damage the shingles. Professional removal ensures that the roof does not sustain additional damage.

With the roof being one of the most essential parts of the home, a homeowner should always be concerned about its state. Performing simple inspections to the roof during rainy times can help identify problems and allows the homeowner to call on a roofing expert to make repairs before they become big problems.

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