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In the fall, cooler temperatures and changing leaves are signs of approaching winter storms and freezing temperatures. If roofing shingles and panels are not properly sealed, this can lead to ice damming and leaky roofs. A leaky roof can cause serious damage to the building and any belongings inside, especially if mold begins to fester in the drywall. Proper preventative measures will help extend the life of the roof and protect the real estate investment for years. A professional Aurora roofing contractor from Roof Worx can provide some helpful tips that can prepare residential roofs for the coming winter months.

Many times, a roof will show signs of fatigue due to quick changes in temperatures. Splits and cracks can appear at transition points or projections, including in stacks, joints, perimeters, expansion joints, vents and walls. Accumulating in drains and gutters, dirt and debris may cause blocked drainage, which can result in hidden roof leaks. If any leaves that have collected in the gutters are not removed, late rain storms in October and November may cause backup issues, causing water to seep under the shingles and into the home.

Missing fasteners, lifting shingles and splitting joints can weaken the metal flashing around the chimney and roof. This may lead to water seeping down the side of the chimney and spreading along the drywall.

The roofing experts at Roof Worx of Aurora CO can assist you with any questions regarding gutter guards or shingle roofing.

If the panels begin to pull away from the roof, water can easily penetrate inside the building. Skylights may also provide a point of weakness in the roof if they are broken or cracked or the glazing is no longer intact.

Homeowners should inspect the building's perimeter near the ground, checking for lifting corners on the roof. Streaking and discoloration on the siding and brickwork may be a sign that water has penetrated the flashing on the perimeter. Water leaking into the side of the house could cause structural damage to the exterior walls, resulting in costly repairs.

Small roof leaks can result in serious problems if not caught right away, which is why inspecting the underside of ceilings is essential to discovering water seepage. Signs that water has entered the home include stained ceiling tiles, drywall streaking and rust spots. If sunlight is shining around projections in the attic, then a leaky roof is imminent.

Once any evaluations and repairs are complete, all findings should be noted on a roof sketch to recognize any potentially problematic areas. In the event of an unknown leak, a roofing contractor can help locate the source of the problem.

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