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A home's roof plays a major role in the structure's overall comfort and energy efficiency. The roof's color, materials, slope and size are all factors in how much heat the house absorbs from the sun. By working with an Aurora roofing expert, homeowners can design a roofing system that maximizes energy efficiency and curbs appeal while minimizing maintenance requirements and the risk of problems like roof leaks.

During the construction of a house, roofers can build an overhang that extends more than the usual 6 to 10 inches beyond the home's perimeter walls. A larger overhang creates a larger shaded area, which helps stop unwanted heat from coming in through the windows and walls. The overhang exerts the greatest impact on the home's southern and western sides. A 2 to 3 foot overhang can shade the entire side of the house. While this is beneficial during the summertime, it also means that the home will not enjoy any passive solar heat during the wintertime.

Another option for making a home more energy efficient is through the use of awnings. These structures are situated above the frame of a door or window and shade the opening from the sun. Awnings may be affixed to the exterior wall of the house. They can also be retractable and powered by a motor operated switch inside of the house.

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A retractable awning allows the homeowner to shade the doors and windows during the summer while allowing sunshine to enter during periods of cooler weather. Awnings may become damaged by strong winds or heavy ice or snowfall. The chains of retractable systems can become rusted or corroded by rainwater, air pollutants or chemicals like rock salt.

Homeowners who are not yet ready to commit to the permanence of a large overhang or a retractable awning could try out some temporary solutions such as high reflectivity films. These devices are inexpensive and can be taken off and reapplied dozens of times without harming the windows, skylights or the film itself. The films block heat, ultraviolet radiation and visible light from coming into the house. Window films require extra care during the cleaning process. They may also create an annoying glare or reflection. In some cases, they may also block the view of the outdoors. Pop in insulated window panels are a recent development that allow homeowners to block sunlight and heat. Made of foam core board, they are lightweight and inexpensive. Frequent removal may cause their edges to become rough.

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