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Aurora Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Wood Roofs

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Wood roofs are composed of wood shakes and are known to be a classic material to use on homes. The material is one of the most durable roofing options and has continued to be used for hundreds of years. Those who are looking to install a new roof on their home by an Aurora roofing professional can consider installing a wood structure to protect the interior of the building. When looking at this option, there are a few pros and cons to weigh before making the purchase.

Wood roofs are considered a popular roofing option for their attractive design and natural look. The beauty of the wood allows them to stand out in the neighborhood and contribute to the home's aesthetics. Many people prefer to have a wood roof for the beautiful look that it adds to residential properties, which can increase the home's value.

This type of material is also extremely durable and is known to last five to 10 times longer than typical shingles that are used on many buildings in North America. The average wood roof can last 30 to 60 years if it's maintained well.

Those who want to have a green roof on their home can choose wood roofs. Known for their natural materials, they are also biodegradable, making them easy to discard without adding to landfills.

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The wood is also recyclable and don't require a lot of energy to manufacture the shakes that are used for the entire roof.

One of the main drawbacks of wood roofs is that they are expensive to purchase, costing up to five times more than composite or asphalt shingles. Homeowners will also have to pay a premium amount for the installation and often need to find a professional who is trained to install the material. It may also need a sufficient amount of repairs during its lifespan because of insect infestations or mold that can develop due to too much exposure to moisture. This can add on extra costs to maintain the quality of the roof and will allow it to last longer.

Homeowners who are up for the challenge of maintaining their wood roofs will need to power wash the material each season to keep it clean. The roof will also need chemical cleaning solutions and preservatives to protect the structure long term from exposure to environmental elements. A professional roofer can be hired to perform these tasks to provide a quality job with professional tools that are used.

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