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Aurora Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Hip Roofs

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Hip roofs are those that slope downward on all four sides of a home. They differ from gable roofs, which slope only on two sides with a pitch in the middle. These roofs have distinct advantages and disadvantages that homeowners should be aware of before having an Aurora roofing company install one.

The biggest advantage to a hip style roof is that it provides for water drainage on all four sides of a structure. It is therefore ideal for areas that receive a great deal of snow, because it does not provide anywhere for it to accumulate. Hip roofs are also perfect for locations that regularly receive a great deal of rainfall, due to their exceptional drainage.

Hip roofs may also withstand high winds better than gable style roofs. This is because they are generally much lower and contain a shallower slope. As such, wind is less likely to grab hold of the corners of the roof and cause damage. Even if damage does occur, it is likely to be over a smaller area, since a hip roof contains four sections rather than only two.

A disadvantage to hip roofs is the fact that they require more seams when building. This means there is an increased risk of leaking unless extra measures are taken to seal these seams properly.

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They must also be inspected more frequently for signs of damage to the seams so that repairs can be made as soon as possible.

More material is required during the construction of a hip roof. More labor is also needed in order to install this type of roof. This means that homeowners who choose a hip roof will pay more for it initially. Despite this, the cost of a hip roof might be justified in certain instances. The odds of repairs are much lower than if a gable roof were to be installed.

Hip roofs provide less space inside the attic due to their design. For this reason, homeowners who may want to finish their attic at some point may want to consider a traditional roof instead. Likewise, those who plan to use this space for storage may find it inconvenient to do so when a hip roof is installed on a home.

Homeowners should carefully weigh the pros and cons of a hip roof before making their decision. The aesthetics of a home, local zoning ordinances and homeowner association requirements must be considered as well.

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