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Aurora Roofing: Article About Preventing Ice Dams From Forming

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Ice dams commonly form on roofs during the winter months, and they represent major potential damage to a roof. Ice dams tend to prevent water from flowing off a roof by creating physical barriers and freezing gutters. When this happens, water can flow under shingles and into an attic. Further, enough weight from frozen water can also cause gutters to tear free from a roof, leading to major damage.

Aurora roofing professionals may be able to install materials that help to prevent water from leaking into a home, like weatherproofing or a roofing membrane, but roofs are designed to have water flow off of them. When water is just sitting on a roof, it will often find a way into a home. This can lead to water damaged insulation, mold developing, and damaged rafters as well as water damage in other areas of the home.

There are several ways to keep ice dams from forming. The most effective methods involve stopping a roof from getting warm, which is what causes snow to melt even when it is freezing outside. This can be done my making sure an attic space is properly ventilated. Homeowners can also use a roof shovel to prevent snow from building up on a roof. Heat tape is another tool that ensures that snow melts uniformly.

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However, snow shovels can be annoying to use on a regular basis, and heat tape may lead to high energy bills and has the potential to damage shingles. Therefore, these solutions are best used when others are not feasible.

There are several reasons why a roof may be radiating heat. A lack of proper insulation can allow heat from a home to radiate through an attic. Even if a home has insulation, if the insulation does not have the appropriate R value or if it is not the right type, it may not be doing enough to prevent heat transfer.

Another reason that heat may be coming from a roof is if there are HVAC ducts running through an attic and they are leaking. Leaky air ducts allow warm air from a heater to build up in the attic. This can also lead to higher heating bills as energy is wasted heating a roof.

Exhaust systems in a home from a kitchen or bathroom that end at the roof may also be creating areas of warmth on a roof. It may be necessary to extend the length of these systems in order to prevent the formation of ice dams.

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